Monday, January 5, 2009

Cruise to Grand Cayman and Cozumel

It was winter 2009, cold and snowing in Boston so..... I went on my first cruise to the Caribbeans! I h
ave heard about cruising from island to island in the Caribbeans but this time I have to experience it myself! Taking a cruise on January is very inexpensive since it was after the holidays and it was priceless to get away from the cold Boston!

I flew from Boston to Tampa and from Tampa took a cruise to Grand Cayman and Cozumel. I rather flew there in less than 3 hours and then took t

he cruise and will reach the Caribbeans in a day instead of taking a cruise directly from Boston which would have take at least 3 days!

My first impression of the ship was bigger than I have imagined! When I first stepped in the
ship-Carnival Inspiration-it was very steady, I couldn't believe I was in a ship. I followed the
crew to go up the deck to see the
ship taking off the port. Good-bye Tam
pa, see you in 5 days :)

My first night in the ship was filled with excitement, I went around to explore different areas of the ship--it was big. The entertainments are very good as well. I received a schedule of events everyday so I can decide where I want to go, it has plenty of activities to keep me busy the whole day.

My most favorite place in the ship was the lobby area; I get to see many happy old couples.
I thought they were very sweet cruising together and enjoying life together at that age.

The food was decent considering the price I paid for the cruise! There was one buffet restaurant where we had our breakfast and quick snacks everyday. My most favorite thing to do is put ice cream on top of fruits, it was very refreshing especially after one whole day of activities! There were two dining restaurants and one sushi area that opened during certain time of the day. We had assigned seating in one of the dining restaurant, the waiter there remembered all our names! The service was really incredible!

After one and a half day in the ship, we finally arrived at Grand Cayman, The Cayman Islands!

Grand Cayman is known for its Seven Mile Beach, but unfortunately I went on the cruise with my mom and aunt so we didn't make it to the beach! Instead, we stayed near the port area to
shop around. The shopping area near the port has many shops but mostly were expensive jewelry shops. We spent few hours walking and shopping around the area. We went back to the ship afterwards to relax, swim, and eat. Speaking of swim, it was cool the first few days and then as we reached the western Caribbeans, it got warm enough to swim in the ship's pool.

It took another day to get to Cozumel so another full day in the ship. By this time, I got pretty bored already since I have navigated all the areas in the ship and the show was at night. I am not a gamble person so there weren't much in the day to do but to eat eat and eat! However, it was the formal night where everyone dressed up. As we lined up to enter the dining room, I saw an old grandma helping her husband fixing his tie...aww that was very very sweet! The old couples looked absolutely adorable together!

Next day, we arrived at Cozumel, Mexico! The port area was well maintained! It was colorful with souvenir shops! I preferred Cozumel over Grand Cayman because of the craft shops in Cozumel, not just jewelry store that outrageously marked up! Cozumel was relaxing, we shop around and went back to the ship for lunch and then came back out. The port area was very close to the ship so we could easily make the trip back to Cozumel. We had a fun time shopping around and the weather was warm! I finally felt that I am in the Caribbeans, the blue turquoise water and the white powdery sand!
The last day was horrible, the sea was rough so ended up I had a horrible sleep and felt seasick! I spent most of my time up at the deck to have fresh air so I wouldn't feel as bad. It would be a good cruise if not the last day! If you ask me if I would go back on another cruise again...I might...but much prefer to fly down to the Caribbeans and spent all the time in there, even if just one island!