Sunday, May 25, 2008

Grand Bahamas Island

I went to Grand Bahamas Island back in 2008, it was the first Caribbean island I visited. My first impression of the island on my way from the airport to the hotel was colorful. All the buildings were pastel color.

The first thing I did after arriving at the Sheraton at Our Lucaya Resort was change and went directly to the beach. Growing up in the northern part of the US, I never felt sand like this fine and soft before and water could be this clear and warm. I have seen turquoise water and powdery sand on movies but being there and see it myself the first time was unbelievable!

Grand Bahamas Island was quiet outside the resort area. There was a mid-sized flea market like shopping area next to our hotel. Another shopping area required a short taxi ride but most of the big shops were closed, I heard the previous hurricane had damaged the area and they didn't rebuild it. I was perfectly fine with spending my 4 days at the beach; relax and enjoy the sun! I also went on a snorkeling trip and the tour dropped us off at a small island to spend a few hours there, almost felt like our own private island! Snorkeling was incredible, I felt scared at first since it was my first time but once I am in the water, my mind was carried away by the colorful tropical fishes!

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